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You can use Track to check the status of your shipment at any time during and after delivery. With just a few clicks, you can check the status of up to 30 shipments at a time.
.Enter any combination of up to 30 tracking numbers (one per line).
BHTEX Beijing branch, Shanghai branch, Qingdao branch, Shenzhen branch and Guangzhou branch are first-class international express agent companies approved by state ministries. They have official approved supervision warehouse and customs and inspection declaration qualification of express business. BHTEX is recognized and approved by state post headquarter. BHTEX international express business include: inbound&outbound express customs declaration, quarantine inspection application, intl transportation, airport consignment, sorting, fetch, delivery, other place transfer, delivery of personal belongings, international account settlement.
BHTEX intl express outbound business is dealt directly with foreign destination from Beijing gateway, Shanghai gateway, Guangzhou gateway and Hong Kong gateway.
BHTEX intl express inbound cargo after customs clearance is delivered or transferred at Beijijng gateway, Shanghai gateway, Guangzhou gateway and Shenzhen gateway. More
BHTEX ShaoXing
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